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Whole house customization is bound to become the mainstream trend of home



In recent years, the development of customized homes is in full swing. “Full house customization” and “whole home” have become the hottest words in the home furnishing industry. From the earliest wardrobes, kitchen cabinets to doors and windows, curtains, ceilings, etc., many traditional building materials and furniture brands have entered the overall customization, making the market structure have changed a lot.
Although there are many opportunities for custom homes, competition and challenges are inevitable. In the increasingly fierce market competition, where should the future customization industry go? When the concept of the overall big home rises, should the company adhere to the customization profession, or continue to expand the product line to realize the overall home dream? It is unavoidable for the development of these customized industries. The problem, the industry generally believes that the whole house customization, the overall home is the trend of the times, design is the soul of the custom industry, and cooperation will be the future development direction of the custom industry.

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Consumer demand and pattern shift
The whole house customization is unstoppable, and the overall home will become the mainstream trend in the future. This view is generally recognized in the home industry. “Customized industry will develop to the whole house and overall home development. In the final analysis, it is still derived from the two-way needs of customers and enterprises.” A person in charge of a custom wardrobe brand said.
With the rising house prices and the shrinking living space, more and more customers hope to use the space more fully and rationally; and the improvement of the quality of life also makes people put forward higher requirements for the overall effect and style matching of the home space. In addition, the demand for after-sales service and environmental protection is also constantly improving.
“Full house customization can truly achieve one-stop shopping, and it can solve problems such as space utilization and overall aesthetics. It is time-saving and convenient for consumers, and the final result is satisfactory, and it is guaranteed after sale.”
Resource integration

From tailor-made cabinets to custom-made furniture, this means a horizontal expansion of the product line for the custom enterprise. If you want to integrate the soft-packed products into the whole home, the product line is infinitely extended. This undoubtedly puts higher demands on the custom enterprise.
“Consumers don’t have the time and energy to choose, and they don’t want to find so many suppliers. In addition to convenience, there are also style matching, after-sales service, etc. We are providing a home consumption platform to consumers.” A custom furniture brand leader It is believed that the best way to provide a one-stop service is to integrate.
The person in charge of a custom wardrobe brand believes that “the traditional building materials industry has three ways to achieve the overall home, one is to produce and solve it by itself; the other is to use external strength and cooperative production; the third is to integrate mergers and acquisitions.” In his view, to develop House customization and overall home, or the integration of resources and cooperation between different enterprises.
At present, many traditional home building materials companies and even home appliance companies have entered the custom field across the border. In this regard, the industry believes that the transformation of traditional home furnishing companies to do custom home advantages and defects coexist. The advantage is that the traditional large-scale enterprises have mature experience in the terminal operation and sales methods, large scale, and sufficient funds; the defect is that they have not learned the essence of customization, therefore, “According to the current development of the industry, cooperation or mergers and acquisitions will be Customize the future direction of the industry.”
Design will be a custom soul
“Without design, furniture is always just a bunch of planks.” The head of a custom wardrobe brand explained the importance of designing to furniture. In his view, design is the vitality of customized products, which is determined by the characteristics of customized products. of. Compared with finished furniture, the advantage of customized products lies in the rational use of space and the optimization of internal use structure, which is inseparable from the design.

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More and more custom brands regard design as the core of enterprise development, and constantly innovate in the appearance and function of products. Of course, this design does not only refer to the appearance. For the custom industry known for its function and practicality, the full use of space and the scientific nature of the internal storage system are extremely important. According to industry insiders, design is the soul of customization. “Whether function or appearance, consumers need us to design for them.” The future of custom home design and functional development are indispensable.
A person in charge of custom furniture believes that the appearance is important, but the appearance alone, the company is not very competitive, because each consumer has their own aesthetic and interest, how to make full use of valuable indoor space, How to make consumers enjoy a better experience is the essence of design.