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Whole house customization into the overall packaging


With the improvement of people’s economic level and the development of individualized demands, in recent years, people have paid more attention to the style and design of furniture when purchasing furniture, and the whole house customization came into being. It is a home customization solution that integrates home design and customization, installation and other services. It can be manufactured by consumers according to the design requirements of consumers. How to develop the 2018 whole house customization market, let’s take a look at the boutique building materials network Xiaobian~

With the continuous upgrading of customized homes from sliding door wardrobes to whole house customizations in these years, the industry has gradually matured, especially since many companies have joined in recent years, and the competition in the whole market has been intensified and upgraded; with the listing of several large enterprises The industry pattern is further clear. In 2018, the whole house customization will enter the second half: the mass market has been divided, and the high-end whole-house customization has become a new position for everyone to compete.

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This trend is a new round of channel change, especially for companies and merchants who have been doing mass-market customization and customizing the whole house. The complaints have no meaning at all, and they are facing a new round of self for everyone. Leather and transformation.

The core of high-end house customization is not only the higher requirements of materials and processes, but also the emerging materials such as glass sliding doors and leather will completely replace the traditional molded series. At the same time, for the high-end market, customers need more than one cabinet or one. The area is really the design and requirements of the “whole house”, how to integrate each space, how to achieve rhythm under the unified style and so on.

This means that high-end whole-house customization is not only a custom-made wardrobe, but the company must have the ability to customize the whole-house system, including custom-made wallboards and even matching finished furniture, making custom furniture + custom wallboard + finished furniture an A true full house custom home plan.

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