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The difference between the whole house customization and the overall home improvement



In the past two years, Internet home furnishings have quietly appeared in the home improvement market, and the market capacity of nearly 4 trillion yuan has been decorated for the country’s residential buildings. Various Internet home improvement companies have emerged like “spring mushrooms”. The Internet company has won the favor of many owners with the three major selling points of standard pricing, standard construction period and decoration all-inclusive. The overall home decoration has become a home improvement trend for a while, which is against the traditional home improvement company. The overall home improvement is the trend, the traditional home improvement company is not to be outdone, have released similar products with Internet home improvement, with a low all-inclusive price, and years of construction advantages to grab market share. The voice just fell, the peak of the well-known home improvement brand industry launched an all-inclusive circular platform, with a price of 999 yuan per square meter. The editor believes that although the name of the all-inclusive circle is confusing, the market competitive advantage is still there. With the improvement of living standards, people’s demand for personalized and stylized home space has gradually emerged, and the custom home industry has followed. In recent years, the custom industry has grown wildly. A number of excellent custom-made enterprises have emerged in the market. Some well-established home brands have entered the custom field and have gained a lot. The Lehua Group is a typical representative. Lehua Group started from the bathroom, and its Wrigley Sanitary Ware is China’s most influential comprehensive sanitary ware brand, which is deeply loved by consumers. The Wrigley brand has several major categories of sanitary ware, ceramic tiles and cabinets. In 2012, the establishment of the Wrigley Wardrobe marked the official entry of “ARROW” Wrigley into the “big home era”. Wrigley wardrobe products cover the living space, study, bedroom, restaurant and other space areas. Since then, Wrigley has provided one-stop full-house custom solutions for consumers from design, production to installation.

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Since 2014, China’s economy has entered a period of structural adjustment under the new normal, and the development of the building materials industry has also entered a bottleneck period. The custom industry has generally risen by more than 20% per annum and has become the focus of the industry. With its robust channel system and integrated international advanced equipment, Wrigley’s wardrobe provides the market with high-quality, stylishly designed customized products with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. In 2016, the Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition, the whole house custom pavilion became the most lively area in the exhibition. The design of the pavilion was novel and eye-catching, the audience was crowded, and the negotiation was continuous. The market popularity of the whole house customization is evident. The overall home improvement and the whole house customization is like a pair of twin brothers. You have me and I have you. If you must distinguish them, the overall home decoration is more rigid, and the whole house is responsible for the furniture and home style of the whole house.

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First of all, look at the commonly used home improvement enterprises: XXX yuan / square meter, projection area and other pricing methods are from the whole house customization, and then look at the whole house customization of many design renderings must be achieved with the overall home improvement. The overall home improvement and the whole house custom enterprise are also often joined hands, sharing resources and expanding the market. This is a mutual birth. In turn, the expansion of the company’s upstream and downstream is a common strategy. We have seen many custom companies doing the overall home improvement, such as the European home, nature’s environmentally friendly home improvement. We have also seen many home improvement companies begin to integrate various building materials to provide one-stop service for consumers from rough to hardcover. Mutual annexation and mutual competition for market share, this is the opposite. Jinmu, water and soil fire, the five elements grow each other, restrain each other, the ancients to summarize the law of the development of things. The mutual competition and integration of the overall home improvement and the whole house customization market segment is also an inevitable law of market development. We will wait and see who will eventually die.