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Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Solid Wood Cabinets

Core material of solid wood cabinets is 100% natural. It gives your kitchen genuine wood grain looking. Solid wood panels have many merits. One of significant merits they have is durability. Solid wood panels have a stronger quality and a longer service life over engineered panels. Shewell uses quality red oak as core material and get coating applied with lacquer spraying process. Here are two solid wood cabinets styles you can find from Shewell.

Contemporary Style

Every panels and drawer fronts are sprayed with white lacquer. For spraying lacquer, semi transparent stain applies. As lacquer of semi transparent stain contains pigments, the effect of it  can give panels a colour tone consistently and cover some natural imperfections. At the same time, solid wood’s natural grain can be remained partially.

contemporay 01 contemporay 03contemporay 02

Original Wood Style

Unlike contemporary style’s semi transparent stain, we use transparent stain for Original Wood Style. This is to retain solid wood’s natural looking as much as possible. As there is no pigments at all, the coating is transparent where natural wood grain are totally brought out. In this case, the coating is only for protection purpose. Lacquer coating (both semi transparent and transparent) can give solid wood panels’ resistances of wet, hot, insect and impact.

original 01

original 02

original 03