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Solid Wood Cabinets In American Style


We introduced “solid wood kitchen cabinets” in last term. For this time, we would like to focus on solid wood cabinets in American style.

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If you compare American style cabinets to European style cabinets, you may find out that American style kitchen cabinets’ doors and drawer fronts are typically framed.  Such design of doors and drawer fronts is the classic and traditional look.

Frame less cabinets are considered more contemporary than framed cabinets.  They are slightly more difficult to install, but much easier to maintain than framed cabinets.


Other than design of doors and drawer fronts, there are a few classic and traditional elements you can find with American style cabinets. Like side bars and top bars of cabinets, they are all well crafted in a classic way.

Sink cabinet has ventilation doors. Of course, these ventilation doors are in traditional design.

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Since American style is full of classic and traditional elements, substrate and coating should be also close to classic and traditional. Engineered wood and modern finishes like rigid thermal foil finish are improper to apply to American style cabinets. We use quality red oak as substrate and spraying lacquer finish to give substrate a solid color coating.