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Toughened Glass Door Panels

Safety home toughened glass door panels is also known as tempered glass which is a type of safety glass because of its strength.
Multilayer plywood is used as core material for toughened glass kitchen. postmodern toughened glass door panels design is grain and texture can be formed through finish processing. Then, a thin toughened glass is coated over the front face of the panel. As for the back face, it’s finished by melamine. Edges of the panel are sealed by aluminum alloy.

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Toughened glass

Toughened glass is physically and thermally stronger than normal glass. Door panel of toughened glass resists scratch, impact, and heat. It has glass features, like shimmer and sleekness. The color layer is formed between the core material and toughened glass, where grain and color could have a long lasting life. Shewell is the professional toughened glass door panels shower manufacturer, sell plywood toughened glass door panel wardrobe cabinetry china, welcome to consult toughened glass door panels price.


Toughened glass cabinet’s coating is basically made of toughened glass which means it has remarkable strength. This coating’s hardness can reach 7.5 or above rated by the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. That means only very few objects, such as diamonds, can cause scratches on the safety home toughened glass door panels. This hardness would give your kitchen a beautiful scratch-less looking.

Thin toughened glass’s one face is colored. And this colored face is against core material when the toughened glass is being laminated onto core material. After the lamination, the layer of color is in between the toughened glass and core material. This process makes the color layer is isolated from oxygen to avoid getting oxygenated so that color could have a long lasting life without discoloration.

Furthermore, toughened glass cabinets are resistant to heat and chemical. The coating material is produced at an extremely high temperature. Kitchen heat would not cause any damage or coloration to the coating.

Four edges of core material are sealed with alloy aluminum. The metallic texture is a perfect match with toughened glass’s high glossy surface. Alloy aluminum edges and sleek glass looking surface are modern kitchen design’s elements. If you have a contemporary interior, toughened glass kitchen would pair well with it.

Core material

We use multilayer plywood as core material for postmodern toughened glass door panels design. Plywood is a popular choice for making kitchen cabinets and other furniture. It is made from thin sheets of veneer that have been peeled from debarked wood. These thin sheets are glued with resin and pressed into one sheet. Multilayer plywood has great strength and stability that resists shrinkage and expansion due to its cross-graining pattern.

Due to plywood’s structure, it can hold screws very well so that the kitchen cabinet could have good stability in shape. And plywood has a remarkable water resistance superior to other engineered wood boards. There is a water-resistant test run for our plywood. After immersion in water for 24 hours, our plywood would get shape change by 3 percent. Besides the remarkable water resistance, our plywood is also eco-friendly which comply with European class E0 standard (Formaldehyde emission for plywood: ≤ 0.5mg/L).


* Hardness. Toughened glass cabinets have probably the best hardness in all kitchen cabinets. That means it has the best anti-scratch and anti-impact. It is most non-cracked and non-chipped.
* Gloss. Toughened glass can be shiny and sleek as glass.
* Stability. Toughened glass is resistant to heat, chemical, and water. And its color is long lasting.
* Easy to clean. Low maintenance is required.

Shewell is the professional toughened glass door panels shower manufacturer, sell plywood toughened glass door panel wardrobe cabinetry china, welcome to consult toughened glass door panels price.

Core material: multilayer plywood
Finish: front face coated with 2mm toughened glass, back face finished by melamine
Edge banding: aluminum alloy
Hardware: Blum/Hattich/Hafele/DTC