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Overall wardrobe knowledge: five advantages of custom closet _ overall wardrobe, custom closet



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For most consumers, the choice of custom closets is to make full use of the limited home space and to get the most affordable price. Of course, there are also some people who want to choose a custom wardrobe with a unique style. Therefore, in the face of various types of customized services, you need to consider and think carefully.

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1. Comparison of finished wardrobes and custom closets

First, finished wardrobe: The style of the finished wardrobe is diversified, which can be selected by many parties. You can also see the pattern inside the cabinet, and you can directly see the fineness of his work. There are also a lot of styles, and the purchase is more convenient. However, the specifications of the finished furniture are the same, and the material can be cut and cut. There is also the utilization of space is not high, first can not do the top, storage space is small, many things can not be put. That is to say, the good looks are good-looking, it is not very practical! The degree of environmental protection depends on the brand, large manufacturers can also, generally small manufacturers, open the door, will be a bit flavor. Let’s say that the current house is so expensive, let’s use it!

Second, custom wardrobe: As the name suggests, is to tailor the overall wardrobe for customers. The internal structure of the cabinet can be customized according to the customer’s living habits and actual area. Very user-friendly, able to meet the requirements of customers, and the plates used are real, at a glance, quality assurance. And it is also easy to do the roof, the overall gives a very expensive feeling, the effect is not bad. The degree of environmental protection is also determined by the brand. Generally, the environmental protection of large manufacturers can reach the European E0 environmental protection standard, and small manufacturers are hard to say.

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2, the five advantages of custom wardrobe

One is the choice of substrate. Most of the substrates used in traditional hand-made furniture are wood core panels and veneers. Many of the products on the market, such as wood core panels and veneers, are inferior in level, and it is difficult to meet the standards in environmental protection and deformation resistance. The tailor-made overall wardrobe is mostly made of environmentally-friendly E0 grade melamine board. After being factory-opened, edge-sealed, perforated and assembled, it refuses to use glue and paint with high methanol content. Moisture-proof, anti-deformation, strong wear resistance, and high environmental protection.

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The second is the production process. The process level of a cabinet is extremely important, the edge sealing is extremely important, the manual edge sealing is neither strict nor neat, and the factory production greatly improves and improves the fineness and process level of the workmanship in the production, and also in the production cycle. Greatly shorten the time, all the processes are done in the factory at one go, and can be completed in the field for a short time. In order to ensure the sealing of the edge sealing, the sealing is smooth, the lines are smooth, and the various convenient and fashionable hardware pieces are combined to give the home more humanized concept, which makes our living room space more harmonious and comfortable.

The third is the price. As far as the current market conditions are concerned, the price of furniture purchased by oneself is higher than that of the whole wardrobe manufacturer. Some people may ask, why is it cheaper to order than to ask for woodwork? Because the big brands use group purchases in procurement, and the factory-made batch line production, the cost is greatly reduced, and the professional business of making the whole wardrobe is quantity. Rather than a single high amount of profit, so that customization is more cost-effective than making.

The fourth is life. In terms of long-term service life, custom-made products are better than finished products. Many materials or designs used in finished products are not in place, and the appearance is beautiful. Like some finished bookcases and shoe cabinets, door peeling or sheet deformation will occur if used for a long time. It is an experienced designer who will consider ergonomics and mechanics carefully! The cabinets made are relatively strong.

The fifth is space. Customized wardrobes are made with on-site gauges. Make full use of the floor space. For example, the 620 process of the ibri overall wardrobe: 620 wardrobe optimization program uses the latest 620 process system of Iberia in 2007, which has breakthrough innovation in space design, sheet properties, hardware accessories, etc., whether it is practical or visual The effect is obviously superior to the traditional wardrobe on the market. Through technological innovation, the Iberian wardrobe floor is 40mm lower than the common height of 108mm on the market. The height of the Ibli closet platform is only 60mm. The successful “slimming” of the platform not only greatly increases the storage space of the cabinet, but also improves the space. The utilization rate, and the weight of the platform after the weight reduction, is not dexterous and slender, and looks like a foreigner, and is generous.

The biggest advantage of the custom closet is that it can make full use of the effective space and make the design more human. It can be arbitrarily designed according to the needs of the subscribers, or there are many drawers, or multiple partitions, and it is also possible to add a basket of any size in advance, which makes it more versatile and arbitrarily. The thickness of the frame of the whole wardrobe ranges from 8 mm to 10 mm, and the increase of the thickness of the card slot ensures that the door can have various styles, which can be glazed, inlaid with aluminum alloy, with patterned glass. With mirrors, a variety of styles, free to choose.