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Solid Wood Cabinets In American Style

Date: 2019.08.12

We introduced “solid wood kitchen cabinets” in last term. For this time, we would like to focus on solid wood cabinets in American style. If you compare American style cabinets to European style cabinets, you may find out that American style kit...

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Date: 2019.08.06

Solid Wood Cabinets Core material of solid wood cabinets is 100% natural. It gives your kitchen genuine wood grain looking. Solid wood panels have many merits. One of significant merits they have is durability. Solid wood panels have a stronger qu...

Ladies Wardrobe

Date: 2019.08.02

Wonderful Wardrobe A wardrobe is not only a piece of household container, but also a collection of your apparel and accessories which reflect your life and taste. And these items are for your everyday needs. A wonderful wardrobe can store them org...

History Projects

Date: 2019.07.05

Thousands of units of cabinets are successfully delivered by Shewell every year. We have built a partnership with both domestic and international estate developers. You may find significant projects we participated until 2018 listed below. Since ...

Honors And Accreditations

Date: 2019.07.05

For premium quality and good reputation, SheWell is awarded dozens of tech certificates and honors by national authorities. Being partnership with renowned property developers, we take part in numerous projects with hundreds of thousands of sets o...

Mega Showroom

Date: 2019.07.05

18th May 2019 is a big day for Shewell. The opening ceremony of our mega showroom takes place on this day. Unlike our other showrooms in downtown, the mega showroom is super spacious and built in our factory. It has tow floors and covers 800 sq me...