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Lacquer Finish And Varnish Finish


Lacquer finish and varnish finish are widely used for wooden furniture. Both of them can give panels a beautiful and protective coating. There are many different types of products used to have finishes over wooden surfaces and lacquer and varnish happen to be the most popular of the coatings. These products have many similarities but also have subtle differences that play an important role in deciding either of the two when looking for a particular finish on one’s wooden furniture. We will focus on lacquer finish in this article.


Lacquer is a transparent coating that can be applied over the surface of wood, as well as metallic furniture. This finish is solvent based hard finish that is also very durable because of the presence of plasticizers inside. This coating is mostly clear though it is possible to have tinted finishes too. This hard and yet transparent coating prevents furniture from scratches and other finds of damage from the elements as well as accidents. Because lacquer contains shellac that has been mixed with alcohol, this transparent coating provides a shiny finish that makes furniture glossy. As it produces a shiny finish with just one coat, one does not need to apply several coats of lacquer over the surface of his furniture. It is possible to apply lacquer over wood by simply spraying it though it is also applied by using a brush12Aug03.