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Home improvement company, home business, whole house customization Who is in the future of the whole package?



Why is the development of the whole equipment a trend?

The development of the whole assembly has become the development trend of the pan-homeware industry. The main reason is intrinsic, that is, the whole equipment meets the demand logic of the home decoration consumer “renovating one home”.

For a long time, our industry has a misunderstanding, that our industry is the home industry, the main mission is to produce home products and then sell the products to consumers. And the home improvement company is just our distant relatives, from time to time to the homegroup to do some soy sauce. Even if they count them, they are just pan-homes.

actually not. Because the vast majority of consumers in our industry have only one common basic need: to decorate a home. So we are the home improvement industry. In order to distinguish it from traditional home decoration, we call it pan-home decoration. The main mission of our industry is to meet the basic needs of home improvement consumers to “renovate a home”.

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The whole package can best meet the needs of home improvement consumers to “renovate a home.”

The whole assembly is an effective form of home decoration. First of all, the whole installation must have an overall design, which makes the matching of various materials of the decoration more harmonious and more reasonable. Secondly, the whole installation improves the home decoration through the standardized operation. The operational efficiency of the material supply chain not only greatly reduces the procurement cost, but also reduces the logistics storage cost through effective management. Thirdly, the integrated marketing model greatly reduces the total marketing of the decoration materials and decoration. Cost; Fourth, the whole set has solved the home improvement demand of “one-stop service” for home improvement consumers.

The whole operation mode follows the mode of standardization operation of Internet home improvement, which is in line with the development of Internet home improvement. Some people may ask: Is home improvement consumer not a personalized demand? How does the standardization operation have a “better user experience”?

Understanding the key to a “better user experience” in a packaged operation is to understand that a standardized, self-contained operation does not bring a “better user experience” to every home improvement consumer but only to its target users. Bringing a “better user experience.” The packaged operation meets the individual needs of some consumers with a common personality.

Beyond the individual consumers to understand the individualized needs of home improvement consumption, we can truly grasp the true meaning of the whole operation.

2. What changes will occur in the structure of the industry under the development trend of the whole package?

The whole assembly operation is not just a matter for the whole company. In fact, the development of the whole assembly is driving the fundamental changes in the entire pan-home improvement industry.

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Design dominance is a key concept that we propose at the same time when we propose effective organization of home improvement elements. Design leadership is also the right to organize home improvement elements. In the organization of “what you see is what you get”, especially in the organization of material elements, the dominant design is the sales dominance. Therefore, design dominance is the key to understanding how the package operation will bring about earth-shaking changes in this pan-home appliance industry.

Home improvement company

The home improvement company is a natural home improvement element organizer. But more than half of traditional home improvement companies are just organizers of construction elements. In the traditional home improvement mode, the home shopping mall is the organizer of the material elements, although this form of organization is increasingly losing its effectiveness. The design elements are almost in an unorganized vacuum state. Therefore, design dominance is also out of control.

Under the trend of decoration, home improvement companies may become group operations, that is, small and medium-sized home improvement companies are basically linked to national brands. Therefore, the competition for the whole assembly operation is basically a group competition.

In the whole assembly operation, the design leadership only truly shows the organizational strength of its sales dominance: design is sales. Design leadership is at the operational headquarters but not the operating branches of each city.

The self-contained operations each form their own supply chain of self-contained materials. Each city branch is responsible for the organization of construction factors.

The question is: Will there be an organizational platform for socialized construction elements in the future — Drip Decoration?

Home business

A home business refers to an enterprise that produces and operates building materials and furniture products. Under the trend of the development of the whole package, what adjustments should their development strategies make?

The first thing we think of may be the big home strategy of the home business. However, the traditional big home strategy did not achieve integration between multi-category home products, and eventually became a simple multi-category strategy. The main reason is the lack of a mechanism to integrate multiple categories.

The development of the whole decoration allows the home furnishing enterprises to see that they can form a mechanism for integrating multiple categories through the whole operation.

If the concept of design dominance is introduced, the strategic essence of the development of home furnishing (or self-contained) in home furnishing is to compete for the design dominance of home improvement factor organizations. Because design leadership is also the sales dominance.

Therefore, we will see more large home furnishing companies join the ranks of the whole assembly operation. Not only as a supplier of self-contained materials, but as a package operator.

It can be expected that there will be a fierce brand game between home improvement companies and home furnishing companies for a long time to come. Behind this brand game is actually the competition for design dominance.

In this game, home furnishing companies are clearly at a disadvantage. Therefore, in order to win this battle, to protect the brand of the company, it may be necessary to do home improvement operations.

Whole house custom enterprise

In the past two years, the whole house has been customized and has achieved more than expected development.

If we look at the whole house customization in the tide of the whole house, we may be able to see the essence of the custom development of the whole house.

Scientifically defined, whole house customization is a subset of the whole package. However, from the perspective of the split of traditional home improvement, the whole house customization is mixed with the home, and there is also an intersection with the home. The cabinet wardrobe in the whole house customization belongs to the category of home decoration, and other parts of the whole house customization may belong to the furniture category. So, is the whole house customization a home improvement attribute or a home property?

So we need to use the concept of pan-home decoration to understand the whole house customization. We need to fully understand the whole house customization from the perspective of self-assembly.

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What is the future development of the whole house customization?

This still involves the issue of design dominance.

Compared with the whole company, the whole house custom enterprise lacks design leadership. That is to say, if the home improvement consumer goes to the whole company first, there may be no chance to come to the whole house to customize the enterprise.

Note that we should not simply understand the design dominance as the flow entrance: 1) Tmall Jingdong Qijia Tuba Rabbit is the traffic entrance, Tmall does not currently have design dominance at least; 2) Only the home improvement company based on the base is also the traffic entrance. However, half of the users who have customized the whole house are looking for a home improvement company and then looking for customized services.

In this way, design dominance seems to be a relative concept: it is relative to the product you are selling. If you want to sell tiles, I include tiles in my design, then I have mastered your design. This understanding may be more vivid.

The company has mastered the design leadership of the whole house customization. Therefore, the whole house customization should master the design dominance under the drive of the development of the whole house, it must be made to do the home decoration. This is also the main reason why we are seeing more and more whole-house custom companies entering the home improvement business.

From the trend of the development of the whole assembly, the whole house customization is an unstable intermediate transition state.