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Find Our New Products Available On Amazon


In this summer, we opened our store on Amazon US. A new range of products will be launched exclusive to this e-market. We named this new range “woodcozy”. Recently, we received approval of brand registry from Amazon. For this range, we will focus on small-sized office products bringing quality products to fast-growing e-market.

For the first batch of new range, we have four options of monitor stand, two colors and two sizes. They’re sample structured but very helpful for long-hours facing computer and organizing desk. These products are made of quality MDF which conforms to TSCA Title VI compliant. Every piece of panel is finished with wood grain pattern. Panels are smooth and odorless. And all panels are fully band sealed for a better moisture resistance. All screws are properly consealed with covering stickers.

In future, we will bring some more products onto Amazon. Future products would come in more designed, more function and more color options.

tier monitor stand