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Custom furniture industry research: whole house customization, assembly and information technology become the industry’s strength point (6)



There are two main sales methods for custom wardrobes: one is for sale and the other is for sale. Since the overall wardrobe is smaller than the whole kitchen cabinet, the components are few and the production process is relatively simple, the unit price is lower than the overall cabinet price. In 2018, the product price is concentrated between 3000-4000 yuan/set or 150-200 yuan/square meter, and the average selling price is about 3230 yuan/set or 185 yuan/square meter. Specific to all listed companies, the overall wardrobe leading Sophia in 2015 to implement the “799 yuan per square meter” and “899 yuan per square meter” with the door wardrobe with custom wardrobe promotional package, continue to promote “799”, “899 in 2018 “The promotion package plan, to increase the growth rate of orders, the overall wardrobe sales unit price is also slightly higher than 2017. In 2019, the company increased the promotion of large-scale packages, and the unit price of customers was significantly improved.
In terms of whole house customization, the industry’s leading custom home furnishing companies have promoted through the form of packages. Ou Pai Home has launched the whole house 22 m2 19800 package and the Ebony “1+5” whole house package, Sophia’s 19800 full house custom package, still The home is equipped with 518 whole house packages and the 16800 whole house package of Haolaike. Among them, in 2017, the first 518 package service based on “space area” to calculate the whole house custom price is introduced in the custom furniture industry, that is, the buyer only needs to follow “518 yuan”. The price from / square meter × the actual area of ​​space can estimate the overall cost of the whole house customization, the price is relatively transparent, and introduce a new business model for customized home services. We believe that the launch of the whole house custom package will help the increase in the price of high-priced consumer orders, thereby increasing the overall customer unit price and contributing to the overall performance growth.

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Fourth, channel changes, multi-channel rise to grab traffic
From the point of view of listed home furnishing enterprises, major home furnishing enterprises are mainly concentrated in retail channels. In the context of real estate regulation and control, industry competition has intensified, retail channels have been affected by customers, and industry leading companies have extended their channels to the front-end assembly field. , get traffic. Secondly, with the promotion of the hardcover housing policy, industry-leading companies have gradually deployed large-scale businesses, and have cooperated with real estate companies, while smaller companies are difficult to carry out large-scale business or small scale due to cash flow restrictions.

(1) Retail offline channels: direct + affiliated, leading the new retail channel innovation
Because the dealer store sales model helps the customized home enterprises to quickly expand the marketing network by relying on the distributor’s regional resource advantages, effectively infiltrating the cities at all levels. Direct-operated stores control sales channels more effectively and implement the company’s development strategy. Major custom-made home furnishing companies have set up direct-operated stores, but the investment is relatively large. Therefore, the custom home industry retail offline channels mostly adopt distribution-oriented, direct-supported sales models, such as European home, Sophia, gold kitchen cabinets. In addition, the Shangpin housing with Internet gene has a different approach, mainly adopting the sales model of direct store + franchise store, combined with O2O online marketing. Due to the different sales models, the layout of customized home retail channels is also different.
From the number of stores opened and the number of dealers, as of the end of 2018, the number of dealers and stores of custom home furnishing enterprises is more than 1,000, among which the number of European homes, Sofia dealers and stores is far ahead of other companies. Ou Pai Home has a nationwide distributor channel. By the end of 2018, it has nearly 4,800 dealers and more than 6,700 stores. So far, by the end of 2018, Sofia had more than 2,770 dealers and more than 3,550 stores, ranking second. .

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With the increasing competition in the industry and the difficulty in obtaining passenger flow, major companies have actively tried new retail channels in the retail channels, opening SM stores (shopping malls), O stores (Office stores), and C stores (supersets). Shops, N stores (converged stores), big home stores, smart stores, etc., to find and seize traffic portals.
As an Internet home furnishing company, it is innovative in retail channels. Considering the crowded shopping malls and higher consumption levels, in 2014, it launched the SM store strategy and set up new stores in various regional shopping centers to further target customers. Match strong traffic monetization capabilities. After the SM store in 2018, it once again led the industry and launched the C store (super collection store, over 3,000 square meters) in Shanghai. Different from traditional home stores, furniture consumption is the only format. C store also gathers 12 Hours Coffee, Phoenix, Taidi, Youbao and other brands will integrate food, drink and fun into one, and open a new chapter in the big home fusion store. In 2015, Oupai Home began to try out the development strategy of the big home. The construction of the big home will be realized through two paths. One is to climb directly in the form of big home, and the other is to integrate the store through the clothes, the clothing and the cabinet. Slowly and gradually iterate into a full-class big home store. Sophia has also actively explored new retail models in recent years. On April 15th, 2018, Tmall & Beijing Sophia’s smart stores opened in Beijing’s North Fourth Ring Real Estate. The smart store is upgraded on the basis of the original store. For the first time, face recognition, 3D scene roaming, AR projection, and cloud shelf are simultaneously applied to the store, combining innovative technologies and means such as big data and artificial intelligence to realize goods and services. The comprehensive communication between members and transactions, the layout of a new shopping experience centered on the needs of consumers, the realization of traditional retail and the reconstruction of the three core elements of “consumers, products, stores.”

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