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Custom furniture industry research: whole-house customization, assembly, and information technology become the industry’s strength point (5)



From the closet wardrobe to the whole house customization, the customer unit price is upgraded into a new power
(1) The wardrobe is still the main source of income, and the whole house customization is the future trend.
Due to the introduction of the internationally popular kitchen, the sliding door of the closet, and the relatively strict requirements of the kitchen and wardrobe for the space utilization of the house, China’s custom furniture is mainly concentrated in custom cabinets, custom closets, custom cabinets, and custom closets. Higher. Judging from the 2018 revenue structure of major custom-made home-listed companies, although the focus of each customized home business is different, the main source of revenue for customized home enterprises is still from the two major businesses of custom cabinets and custom closets. The major companies in the wooden door business are also expanding, but they are still at a low level in terms of revenue.

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With the gradual improvement of the production technology level of furniture enterprises, Chinese residents have matured the concept of furniture consumption, and the custom furniture category has gradually expanded from the whole cabinet and the whole wardrobe to other sub-categories such as sanitary ware, custom wooden doors, and even large home or whole house customization. Meet consumer one-stop shopping needs, reduce consumer choice and purchase costs. For enterprises, the whole house customization is conducive to the industry to achieve on-demand production, effectively avoiding the problem of overcapacity in the industry, reducing wood waste, contributing to environmental protection, and having good social benefits. Major custom home furnishing companies have also proposed a full-house custom development strategy. Among them, Shangpin’s home layout is relatively early. Shangpin Home Furnishing In 2008, it took the lead in customizing the whole house furniture. It is one of the first companies in China’s custom furniture industry to realize the whole house furniture customization. Subsequently, Oupai launched the “Grand Home” strategic plan in 2011. The strategy was launched in 2015, aiming to build a whole kitchen cabinet with a focus on the whole wardrobe, custom wooden doors, kitchen appliances, bathroom, and wall coverings. A modern “big home” product supplier for wallpapers, solid surface materials, and commercial kitchen utensils. In 2012, Piano began to build a full house customization strategy. In 2013, Sofia also proposed the “Customer Sophia” strategy, which is dedicated to the layout of the whole home, followed by the layout of the whole cabinet, custom wooden doors, custom curtains, and other fields. Since 2015, Zhibang Home, Hao Lake, I Le Home, and Dingji Jichuang have also proposed or promoted strategies such as large customization, custom home masters and whole house custom furniture. Whole house customization has gradually become the mainstream trend of industry development.
(2) The unit price of the wardrobe is relatively stable, and the whole house is customized to increase the unit price.postmodern oriental style whole house custom
In terms of the whole cabinet, most custom home furnishing companies sell the whole cabinets according to each set. We count the unit price of the whole cabinets and wardrobes of the listed company in 2018. In 2018, the unit price of the whole cabinet sales is basically between 6000-10000 yuan/set, and the average selling price is about 8670 yuan/set. Specific to each listed company, the overall cabinet sales price difference is large. Ou Pai home is the leading enterprise in the whole cabinet sector. The products are mainly located in the middle and high-end market. The unit price of the whole cabinet is higher than other companies. In recent years, with the increase in the proportion of the company’s bulk business, the sales volume in the market below the third level has increased greatly. As well as the increase in the sales revenue of “Ou Bo Li” products targeting the mid-end brands of young consumers, the average selling price of the company has decreased, and the unit price of sales has dropped from 10,154 yuan per set in 2014 to 9148 yuan per set. The prices of Zhibang Home, Gold Kitchen Cabinet, My Le Home, and Piano’s overall cabinets are basically concentrated between 6500 yuan/set to 8,000 yuan/set. Sophia’s whole cabinets are priced at a single price. In 2014, due to the new development of the cabinet business, the production and sales volume was relatively low, and the sales unit price was relatively high. With the construction of the company’s South China production base and Huazhong production base, the cabinet business continued to increase in volume, and the cabinet sales price was higher. Returning, the unit price of sales in 2018 is around 9,700 yuan/single. Due to the addition of the overall cabinet business in 2018, Hao Lake has relatively low production and sales volume, resulting in a relatively high unit price and a unit price of more than 10,000 yuan.

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