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Custom furniture industry research: whole house customization, assembly and information technology become the industry’s strength point (11)



Brand influence strengthens industry position, leading brand value leading
(1) Brand reputation has become one of the key factors for purchasing, leading the leading enterprises with a leading brand value
In recent years, the overall home furnishing industry is in a stage of rapid development, but the industry entry threshold is low, and the homogenization of low-end products is serious. Therefore, brand awareness has become an important factor for consumers to measure product quality, environmental protection, reputation, and after-sales service. According to iResearch, in 2018, when the domestic custom home buying group was actually purchased, the brand reputation became one of the key factors.

Brand influence has very important practical significance for the company to further consolidate its position in the industry and increase market share. Major home furnishing companies also attach great importance to brand building, launching multiple brands, shaping different brand personalities, and practicing multi-brand linkage sales strategies. Gain differentiated competitive advantage. According to the China Top 500 Brands Review Committee, the 11th China Brand Value List, the industry leader Ou Pai Home (239.55 billion brand value), Shangpin Home (145.33 billion brand value), Sofia (138.75) The brand value of 100 million yuan, and the good brand of Lai Ke (102.46 billion yuan brand value), the industry-leading brand has obvious advantages.

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(2) The absolute difference in brand promotion expenses is large, and the leading enterprises have invested more
Judging from the investment in the advertising and promotion fees of these nine custom-made home furnishing companies, Shangpin’s home delivery and European-style home investment are the highest. In 2018, the investment in public housing and advertising costs exceeded the European home in 2018, and advertising in 2018 was still available. The fee was 508 million yuan, and the European advertising fee was 450 million yuan. Sophia increased its investment in advertising and publicity fees in 2018. In 2018, it invested a total of 305 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 50%. Other brand advertising fees are below 300 million yuan. From the perspective of the proportion of advertising and promotion expenses of various companies in 2018, the income from direct-sale stores accounted for relatively high investment in Shangpin. The advertising promotion and promotion fees accounted for the highest revenue ratio, reaching 7.64%, followed by Zhibang Home. , good Lai Ke, gold kitchen cabinets. The scale of Europa’s home sales is large, so the advertising promotion fee in 2018 accounted for 3.91%, which is at the lower middle level.

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Judging from the changes in advertising promotion fees, Shangpin’s investment has increased rapidly in recent years, especially since the listing in 2017, a series of brand marketing activities have been launched. The advertising promotion fee has increased from 234 million yuan from 2016 to 2018. The number of 508 million yuan in 2018 is the highest in Europe. Secondly, Sofia’s 2018 advertising fee investment has grown rapidly, and the investment growth rate of advertising fees has followed closely in the past three years. In the short-term under the control of the real estate, industry competition has intensified, and many leading brands in the industry are willing to use advertising to enhance their performance and seize market traffic.
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