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Custom furniture industry research: whole house customization, assembly and information technology become the industry’s strength point (10)



Shangpin’s home is born out of the Internet company. The actual controller has rich experience in Internet entrepreneurship. After years of development, he has trained a group of management teams who are proficient in information technology and familiar with the production and operation of customized furniture. Secondly, the company basically implements all software self-made. All kinds of home design software and information system are provided by Yuanfang Software, a wholly-owned subsidiary.

In recent years, Oupai Home has accelerated the pace of informationization. The company’s informatization has adhered to the principle of “customer-centered” and “integration and innovation” to build a new business model of Europa Manufacturing 2025 and to create a European manufacturing operation. Management service platform. The company has deep cooperation with IBM, Siemens, Oracle, and other companies, a new review and reconstruction of the European information road, a new planning and design integrated cabinet, clothing, wood, Wei four major products of the unified order 3D design platform, order splitting Management platform WCC, order sales management platform MTDS, order operation management platform MSCS, order manufacturing execution management platform APS/MES and order logistics management platform MCTS.

export oriental style and glossy laminate finish whole house custom

postmodern solid wood lacquer door panels

In the aspect of informatization, we cooperate with CAXA and 3D to form a racing situation to achieve two breakthroughs: one is the one-click from design, drawing, quotation, order, production, and logistics; the second is the cabinet wood. Weibo’s all-in-one push-to-talk, the creation of these two push-to-talk is a huge systematic project, the company has invested nearly 100 million yuan to build the project. At present, the three-dimensional home has initially realized the opening of the cabinet category, and has achieved the opening of the wardrobe category with CAXA, and has begun trial use in some cities. The next step will be to achieve the second open in the multi-category sharing the same software.

Sophia began to further promote the digital transformation process in 2015. The CNC digital control ratio of the company has reached 100%, and the production process data is processed and predicted more quickly, and the utilization rate of the plate is improved to achieve cost compression. In 2018, the company’s sheet utilization rate is close to 84%, and the one-time installation success rate is 90%, further reducing customer complaints and improving customer experience. At the same time, it has brought a stable gross profit margin and continuous rising net profit for the company.

high-gloss laminated mdf finish whole house custom
Chinese solid wood lacquer door panels for wardrobe

Driven by data and driven by a powerful computing back-end, Sophia will focus on building a digital ecosystem in the future. By building an open 3D collaboration platform that integrates consumers, home designers, and merchants, consumer demand and solution library sharing will be realized. And automatically match, and integrate the company’s offline marketing channels, social designers and excellent supplier resources, to provide consumers with “custom home” integrated products and services, to achieve high-efficiency production, efficient use of resources.