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Custom furniture industry research: the whole house customization, assembly and information technology become the industry’s strength point (7)



From the perspective of single-store income, the industry’s top three home goods, Sophia, and European-style home stores have revenue of 1.5 million yuan/home and above. Among them, the direct-operated store model, rich SM store resources, and better drainage effect. Shangpin home with a single store revenue is clearly leading. The brands such as Zhibang Home and Hao Lake are basically at the level of 1.2 million yuan/home in 2018. The income of single-stores in 2018, such as Gold Kitchen Cabinet and My Le Home, is basically at 800,000 yuan/home level, which is far from the leading enterprises in the industry.

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Judging from the distribution of the number of stores, the number of stores in the first, second, third and even fifth and lower cities of the custom home furnishing enterprises is distributed, and the number of stores in the fourth and fifth-tier cities is large. From the perspective of the distribution structure of various customized homes, the number of storefronts in the A18, B and C cities in the 2018 European cabinets accounted for 14%, 28%, and 58% respectively, and the European-style wardrobes were Class A, B, and C cities. The number of stores accounted for 14%, 29%, and 57% respectively; the number of stores in the provincial capital of Sophia accounted for 18%, the number of prefecture-level cities accounted for 29%, and the number of stores in the fourth- and fifth-tier cities accounted for 53%; The number of franchised stores in second-tier cities accounted for 23%, and the number of franchised stores in the third- and fourth-tier cities accounted for 77%; the number of stores in Class A (mainly provincial, municipal, and sub-provincial cities) accounted for 15%. The main business income accounted for 23%, and the B category (mainly prefecture-level) stores accounted for 38% of the total, and the corresponding main business income accounted for 43%. Class C (by county-level city and below) Mainly, the number of stores accounted for 47%, and the corresponding main business revenue accounted for 34%. Customized home leading enterprise store outlet layout is more reasonable. In the case of relatively saturated outlets in first- and second-tier cities, the sales network layout of customized leading enterprises in four-line and five-line cities is relatively fast, and it has obvious advantages in capturing the fourth- and fifth-line consumer resources. Leading-edge.

(II) Retail online channels: consumption habits change, O2O online marketing becomes an effective complement to physical stores
With the continuous popularization of “Internet+” and the changing consumption habits of emerging consumer groups, more and more custom home furnishing companies have realized that the O2O marketing model has become an effective supplement to the existing physical stores in the customized home furnishing industry. According to iResearch, In cities with higher penetration rates of first- and second-line Internet penetration, 77.4% and 56% of users respectively adopted offline deposits, offline-to-store communication, and door-to-door size, while third- and fourth-tier cities and other regions rely on offline. The degree is high, and nearly 70% of customers choose the mode of full-line communication.

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In order to adapt to consumers’ online consumption habits, some custom furniture companies have online marketing through their own websites or e-commerce platforms such as Tmall. Unlike ordinary standardization and general-purpose products, customized furniture is a personalized product. Providing on-site measuring scales, interacting with customers, etc. to carry out personalized design on-site services, and unable to complete all sales activities through the online platform. Therefore, online marketing of customized furniture still relies on the support of physical stores and needs to be sold with offline chain stores. Make an organic combination.
In terms of online channel construction, the channel construction of the Shangpin housing with Internet genes is earlier, and the O2O drainage effect is better. Shangpin Home is equipped with the online shopping mall operated by Xingu. Through the traffic cooperation with Internet companies such as Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Jingdong, Today Headlines, 360, Vibrato, Fast Hand, etc., the potential consumers of customized furniture and online shopping guides Communication and interaction will enable to obtain free access to the door-to-door service for consumers, and then introduce online traffic to offline physical stores, and then store designers to follow up design, program production, order placement and other services. Implement online marketing to offline services for custom furniture. Secondly, for franchisees, Shangpin Home Ownership began to charge a certain percentage of the drainage service fee in 2013 according to the amount of payment it received from the end consumers. The O2O drainage service revenue increased from 4.03 million in 2013 to 2018. 1.94 billion yuan, the growth is relatively rapid. And Ou Pai Home, Zhibang Home, Gold Kitchen Cabinet, My Le Home, Hao Lake and other online channels mainly rely on Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Weibo and other platforms to obtain online effective traffic and promote online Deep integration with the line.

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