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Another Shipment To South Africa


Since 2010, Shewell has extended her business to overseas market. We have built partnership with Galencia from South Africa for nine years.

Galencia is local estate developer in South Africa. It has constructed thousands of units of properties, including condos, row houses and villas. And all of these properties’ cabinets, like wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and washroom cabinets, are manufactured and delivered by Shewell.

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Cooperation between Galencia and Shewell is still going on. On 19th Aug 2019, we successfully fulfilled order request from Galencia on time. Every cabinet is well packed and marked. After buyer’s check and official inspection, all packed cabinets were loaded into containers. Within hours, two containers were fully loaded. They are estimated to arrive in South Africa in four month.

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Summer is a peak period for manufacture industry. Our factory has operated at full capacity since late July. To make the overseas delivery on time, we supervised every phrase from purchasing raw material to producing and managed every phrase was done on schedule. Shewell understands that client’s concerns and makes her every effort to fulfill our commitment to our clients. After four month shipment, Shewell cabinets will be delivered to our client on schedule as usual. We believe our timely delivery and good quality is the reason and foundation for building long term business.

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