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Advantages and disadvantages of the overall wardrobe custom cabinet


Abstract: Economical and practical, the overall wardrobe is popular in the present, not only because it is very practical, but also because of the rational use of space, there are many economic advantages. Its cost is calculated according to the material area of ​​the cabinet, and the price of different internal configurations is also different.
Space saving, the whole wardrobe can be designed according to your needs. After being put into the home, it will form a feeling that the wardrobe is recessed into the wall. Not only can it be cut into a hanging space, but also space can be placed in the top space. Greasy toy. Through the choice of the color of the wardrobe sliding door, it can be integrated with the decoration of the whole room. If your bedroom is large enough, you can also design a walk-in closet with a full wardrobe, with a stylish sliding door on the outside, and a private space is created.
Economical and practical, the overall wardrobe is popular in the present, not only because it is very practical, but also because of the rational use of space, there are many advantages in the economy. Its cost is calculated according to the material area of ​​the cabinet, and the price of different internal configurations is also different.

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The difference between the overall wardrobe and the finished furniture
Consistent style is the biggest feature of finished furniture, and it is also a “fatal” shortcoming, which is easy to cause unreasonable use of space. For example, the finished wardrobe, the usual height is about 2.1 to 2.2 meters, and there are nearly 40 to 60 centimeters from the roof. This part of the space has unreasonable waste. Moreover, in the case of large wardrobes using sliding doors, the door changes are very small, mostly MDF, which can be seen from the frame material, which is basically a 5 mm aluminum alloy strip, which also restricts its change.
The biggest advantage of ordering the whole wardrobe is that it can make full use of the effective space and make the design more human. It can be arbitrarily designed according to the needs of the subscribers, or there are many drawers or multiple partitions, and it is also possible to add a basket of any size in advance, which makes it more versatile and arbitrarily. The thickness of the frame of the whole wardrobe ranges from 8 mm to 10 mm, and the increase of the thickness of the card slot ensures that the door can have various styles, which can be glazed, inlaid with aluminum alloy, with patterned glass. With mirrors, a variety of styles, free to choose.
In terms of price, the price of finished panel furniture is calculated by piece. The price is mostly between five and six thousand yuan and seven or eight thousand yuan. If the overall wardrobe is used, the general price is calculated based on the practical area of ​​the board. This depends on the design of the cabinet. And what is the accessory? The price of the overall wardrobe is calculated in square meters, based on the amount of material used. Clearly, understand the concept of consumption.
The difference between the overall wardrobe and the custom furniture company
During the decoration, many consumers have made several convenient and practical wardrobes in the appropriate places at home. In the past, the usual method was to use the cabinets made by the decoration company, so what is the order of the whole wardrobe and the cabinet made by the decoration company? What is the difference? Let us take a look at several aspects.
From the production process:
Decoration company: generally based on manual, the material is mostly large core board, plywood. The price of the large core board and splint used by the decoration company is not high, and it can meet environmental standards. Since the cabinet is made by hand, the connection of the cabinet is mostly nail-based, and the locking is often inaccurate so that the time is long, the nail is easy to loose, and nail holes appear. The edge seals of the cabinets are also hand-sealed, and the tightness and fineness will be poor.
Customized wardrobe: High-density fiberboard, double-sided melamine. The production of the assembly line and the automatic machine edge sealing ensure the high degree of closeness and fineness of the overall wardrobe.
From the connection between the cabinet and the wall:
Decoration company: Since the general wall surface will not be completely horizontal and vertical, there will be a certain degree of inclination. The cabinet made by the decoration company can be closely combined with the wall to make no gap. On the other hand, the cabinet has the disadvantage of being difficult to move and fixed.
Customized overall wardrobe: generally does not have such a close combination with the wall, the wall and the cabinet are more closely connected by the closing plate. The whole wardrobe is handed over to the ceiling, the plaster line, and the skirting line, which is more closely connected with the wall. At the same time, it has the advantages of easy movement and convenient disassembly and assembly, showing the advantages of home DIY.
The necessity of selection and design of the overall wardrobe before renovation
The main features of the overall wardrobe are: standardized modules, tailor-made. Why do you choose and design before the renovation? This is because:
1. The structure of the bedroom largely determines the width of the overall wardrobe and the design of the internal space structure of the cabinet. In order to use the actual hanging space of the cabinet, it is necessary to change the room layout during the decoration design. After all, everyone There are a lot of clothes, and even the need for storage (quilts, etc.).
2. The whole wardrobe is a large piece of furniture, and its placement directly affects the overall layout of the bedroom.
3. The size of the custom-made width will affect the positioning and size of other household items such as beds, bedside tables and dressing tables.

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4. Design a reasonable overall wardrobe location, but also consider the reasonable wiring of electricity and network (some need to design the TV rack in the closet), the location of the switch socket, the hanging position of the air conditioner, the channel size in the bedroom, etc. .
5. Based on the principle of the overall style of the bedroom and the main melody color, the color of the cabinet of the whole wardrobe, the style of the wardrobe sliding door, the color of the door panel and the floor to be selected, the bed frame, the bed cover (single), the curtain, etc. Coordination of color and style of household products.
6. If you need a ceiling, consider also a reasonable overall wardrobe height.
7. For the decoration of most of the current houses, modularization, integration, and overall decoration trend are adopted. The whole wardrobe, the overall study room, the wine cabinet, the shoe cabinet, the locker, the entrance cabinet and even the TV cabinet are tailor-made. It is even more necessary to plan ahead.
Most of the current buildings are frame-structured, so the location of the wardrobe in the bedroom will inevitably encounter special obstacles such as beams and pillars. How to plan for the rain?
First, the pillar plate and the cladding beam plate can be designed according to the shape of the beam and the pillar, and the beam and the pillar are hidden, and not exposed, so that the wardrobe forms a joint body, and the space is rationally utilized. The 18mm thick plate is required for the column and the cladding beam to ensure that the assembled overall wardrobe is firm.
Second, there is a pillar position, which can be designed as a floor for stacking small items or a special place for resting shoes, hats, ties, and the like.
Third, if there are objective beams and pillars, the overall wardrobe design should also consider the left and right wide side panels of the light should be open L-shaped integral panels.
Fourth, the sliding door is designed to the top of the ceiling, and the side of the front side of the beam should be sealed by the same size as the beam, and the seam is sealed from the bottom of the beam to the floor to ensure that the sliding door can be completely closed when closed.
Fifth, if the overall wardrobe is designed such that the top cabinet is a wooden board that is flattened and the lower cabinet is a sliding door, the side of the front side of the beam should pass through the same size as the beam, from the bottom of the beam to the lower cabinet. The top plate seams it.
Sixth, if the cabinet may touch the switch socket, cable TV, broadband socket, etc., the overall wardrobe service provider should be evaluated and measured at the progress of the hydropower wiring to ensure that they can be used reasonably in the future.
How to buy the whole wardrobe
Buying a whole wardrobe, it is best to choose some well-known brands when the economy allows. For example, the furniture such as the wall cabinet usually takes 8 to 10 years. In addition to the quality of the famous brand goods, the after-sales service also has certain guarantees. If you want to change the pulley or the veneer, you can have a channel to solve the problem.
If you want to further purchase from a professional point of view, there are also a few points to note, the reporter integrated the opinions of several brand agents, summarized as follows:
1, materials. Most of the overall wardrobes on the market use medium-density fiberboard, some use moisture-proof panels, and medium-density panels are better, in addition to look at the veneer. The hardware of the whole wardrobe is also very important, and there are several kinds of carbon steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. The smoothness, wear resistance and pressure resistance of the pulley are also very important. The pulleys of the brand wardrobe are generally made of carbon fiberglass, with balls inside, with non-drying grease, and almost no noise when pushing and pulling. In addition, good pulleys are often designed with two anti-jump devices to ensure reliable and safe door sliding. There is only one anti-jump device or a pulley without an anti-jump device, and the door is easy to derail when in use.
2. Is the cabinet design scientific? A good overall wardrobe cabinet, usually composed of different cabinets, can be customized according to the customer’s actual situation; drawers and shelves can be freely increased or decreased. However, the reporter should remind everyone that when preparing to order a wall cabinet, you must first book a specific location at home, and then measure the size. Since some roofs have beams, if you don’t take this into consideration, it is likely that the whole wardrobe that you can order will not enter the wall.
3. Is the accessory complete? Push-pull mirrors, lattice racks, pants racks, pull baskets, and L-frames. Whether these accessories are complete is an important criterion for judging whether the design has a “people-oriented” concept.
4. Whether to choose green environmental protection materials. The formaldehyde content of the cabinet door or cabinet material is too high, which will adversely affect the user’s health. How to judge the formaldehyde content exceeded? The simple way is to open the door and pull open the drawer. If it exceeds the standard, it will emit a strong irritating smell and even make people cry.
Pick the whole wardrobe expert advice
The popularity trend of the whole wardrobe is unstoppable, but most consumers still don’t know much about it. For example, how to judge the environmental protection of the cabinet board? Where is the fine craft performance? How to calculate the price? Can it be tailored? Is there a consumption trap?
Experts remind consumers to grasp the following key points:
1. Whether the material selection is environmentally friendly is related to the health of you and your family. Therefore, the cabinet board must have the national authoritative test report, in line with the national mandatory standard GB18584-2001, formaldehyde emission ≤1.5mg/L, the water content in 5- Between 11;
2. Whether the board is strong or not determines the service life of the cabinet. The thickness standard should be 18mm, the density standard is 0.6-0.9g/cm3, and it is durable and has a service life of more than 15 years. Of course, if you want to thicken it, But the price is definitely higher;

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3. Whether the process is fine or not, the most important thing is to look at: A. The edge of the board. The edge of the machine is generally uniform, no black lines and sawtooth prints are visible, and the hand-sealed edges will have some roughness, which will hang clothes, especially expensive silk fabrics. Good edge seals are generally of the same color and have a thickness of 1.5-2mm; . Whether the backplate is slotted or not, to ensure stability, it is better not to use nail nails for fixing the backplate, which is easy to rust and affect the service life of the wardrobe;
4. Whether the product is customized or not. Most of the current houses are frame structures. There are many beams and columns. How to hide and modify these beams and columns is related to the overall aesthetic effect of the wardrobe. The high-grade overall wardrobe can be based on the specific space structure. Design and provide non-standard setting services;
5. Whether the price of the cabinet is transparent or not, first ask the manufacturer’s calculation method, and then ask the price of the items included in the price, such as whether it contains drawers and laminates, hardware accessories (usually the area algorithm does not contain drawers, laminates) , the price of hardware accessories), the most popular and fair algorithm in the world is based on the actual use of standard materials to calculate the price, how much to buy how much is the most reasonable;
6. Is it produced by a regular brand manufacturer, has it passed environmental certification and health certification? Whether it is the best choice for three products, there are anti-counterfeiting marks, brand products that promise multi-year warranty and lifetime maintenance;
7. To choose the best value for money brand wardrobe quality products are indeed more expensive, but the wardrobe is a long-term investment, if you choose a poor quality wardrobe, you can not only bring losses It’s a little money…
8. Accessories are also critical. Are all the accessories (such as connectors and screws) consistent with the brand of the overall wardrobe, and are there any branded engraving marks on each part? Only by unity can we ensure the bearing capacity of key parts and ensure comprehensive performance;
9. Whether the installation service personnel have undergone unified formal technical training.